Hi My name is Debbie Durrance. I help busy women learn how to get organized and stay that way! The goal is to reduce stress and have more quality time to spend with family.

I am dedicated to making lasting changes through organizing, decluttering, space planning, and developing new systems.

Please visit on Face Book, Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram and my consulting website at: www.harmonyorganizing.com.

Clients call for help when:

  • Tasks seem to big
  • They need help getting started
  • They want someone to do all the work for them (too busy)
  • They need new ideas and solutions customized to them
  • They are chronically disorganized
  • They need help planning for a new space
  • They need assistance  with downsizing or a move (sorting, packing, unpacking, organizing new space)

My goal is to provide tools, knowledge, and insight to keep your spaces stress free, functional, and maintainable. Getting organized helps with:

  • Reducing stress
  • Saving time and money
  • Eliminating lost items
  • Welcoming guests without worry
  • Finding more time to focus on the important things in life

Now is the time to get organized!  Find your Harmony!

Thank you for checking out my blog!  I hope it is helpful and you will check back often!

If you would like personal Professional Organizing service please contact me at:

1-941-877-1231 or debbie@harmonyorganizing.com



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