5 Easy Organizing Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season always seems to bring lots of activities, so many things to get done and often, guests in your home. So how do you get yourself organized and keep your house clean during this busy time? Try these 5 Easydreamstimefree_1537888 Organizing Tips for the Holidays:

1. Schedule Events 

Keeping your calendar up to date is the best way to make sure you get in on all the fun and don’t lose track of any important dates. Add holiday events and parties to a calendar and start thinking about what you will need: clothing, gift, food. Be sure to get input from all family members when updating. Include school events, guest arrival dates, special play dates, etc.

2. Keep Lists

Stay on track by using a list. Use a small notebook that you can carry with you and write down anything you want to get done or need to buy. Start your list several pages into the book because you will need the front pages for planning. Start by adding any of the items you came up with above for the upcoming holiday events. As tasks are completed, mark it off the list. At the end of the day review your list and feel accomplished! It feels great to  get all of those little (and big) errands/tasks completed. Anything left on the list – no worries – it’s already on the list for the next day!

3. Plan Ahead

Decide on two gift-giving budgets: One for your family and one for everyone else. Now pull out the small notebook (with your lists) and use the front pages to record individuals, budgeted amounts, and gift ideas. As you buy gifts for each person, make note of the gift and the cost in the notebook. I have tried several different ways to stay on budget and more importantly, remember what I have already purchased. This has been my tried and true way to stay on track.

4. Keep the House Clean With a 10-Minute Walk Through

I love doing the 10-Minute Walk Through! It’s a quick race the timer game to collect up and return stray items back to their homes. Employing your family to help makes it even more effective and fun. Gather items into small piles according to the room they belong in and when all collected, put them away in the correct place. The result is amazing. Just removing the clutter from the day or week can make your house look clean and welcoming! It’s a great way to keep your house ready for those drop-by holiday visitors.

5. Create a Gift Wrapping Area

During the holidays, a lot of clutter seems to find its way around the house. Gift wrap can add to that clutter. To stay organized, gather all of your holiday gift wrap, bags, ribbons, scissors, tape, etc. and put them all into a plastic tub, drawer, or whatever works for you and then find a convenient location to keep it. The idea is to keep it all contained. I like to decide on a place in my house to do the wrapping and try to store the container nearby. Having everything you need right there, together is priceless! Be sure to allow yourself enough time to finish and still have the time to put everything away.

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Happy Holidays! Stay Organized!

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Author: Harmony Organizing Services

Hi! My name is Debbie Durrance. I am a Professional Organizer and Blogger from Florida. I love helping women take control of their homes so they can spend more quality time with their family. Getting organized can be absolutely life changing!

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